Sunday, December 7, 2014

Inter-American Sustainable Development Law Moot Court Competition (Updated)

Date of the Competition: March 2 - 6, 2015

Last date for Internal Registration to MCC: December 12, 2014

Date of Memorial Submission for Internal Challengers: December 24, 2014

The Scheme of Internal Challengers: A Memorial Round shall be conducted first. Subsequent to which the team which obtains the highest scores shall be subjected to an Oral Benchmark after the commencement of the next academic semester.

Should anyone have any query regarding the same, do not hesitate to contact the MCC.


  1. This problem came out on the 15th of September. Even though the MCC had guaranteed that delayed notifications will not be allowed henceforth. Things have not changed as promised....

    1. Dear Concerned Anonymous,
      First things first, I want you to be acquainted with the fact that your 'anonymity' is only limited to others but not to the MCC as your Google Account got linked to the comment that you have posted above which I was in a position to get my hands on by accessing this blogger account. :) Hope the same does not come as a shock to you!
      Now addressing the concern that you furthered, I wish to let you know that the above Post clearly provides that 'MCC is pursuing the Organisers of the above quoted moot to get an extension in this regard. On receipt of a favorable response, if any, the Participants shall be duly notified about the same.'
      In light of the above, I wish to bring forth to your kind notice that MCC acknowledging the small time window that was made available to all to prepare for the above quoted moot, already was in regular correspondence with the Organisers of the said moot to avail of an extension regarding the submission of the Registration Form. In ensuring the same, MCC has emphatically requested to them that, owing to the reason of our University not being in session we be granted an extension to submit the Registration Form along with the name of the team members by January 15, 2014. Further, in order to augment the said request, the MCC has also conveyed to the Organisers that we are ready and willing to pay the Registration Amount within the stipulated deadline in the name of our University.
      The Organisers have furthered a positive response to the said request but however, have maintained that a confirmation to the same extent can only be furthered to our University only after due consultation with their Organising Committee. MCC is still awaiting such a confirmation and as soon as the MCC is in receipt of the same, the changes in the dates of the Challenger of the Competition shall also be carried out to the same extent.
      Dear Anonymous, it is also brought forth your notice that concerned post provides very clearly that ‘Should anyone have any query regarding the same, do not hesitate to contact the MCC.’ In light of the same, it is most earnestly advised to you that the doubt or rather belief you maintained regarding the professional misconduct on the part of the MCC could have easily been alleviated had you contacted the concerned person either telephonically or by dropping an email to the MCC’s mail ID and thus, could have refrained yourself from posting such comments just to disparage the MCC.
      Moreover, MCC had indeed promised to not entertain such delayed notifications but that was subject to a set of guidelines laid down by the Faculty Coordinator in near future. Since, no guidelines have been given effect to as of now, the MCC could not have rejected notification of the same, but then it is apparent from above that MCC subsequently has furthered sincere attempts to get an extension and make the above quoted moot a level playing field for all.
      In the end, it is conveyed to you that MCC has always attempted to ensure that the requests and interests of everyone can be easily accommodated as much as possible and it has many a times gone out of the way to give effect to them. If you have any doubts reading the same, I will just suggest you to come out of your cocoon and ask around.