Tuesday, November 4, 2014

2015 Niagara Moot Court Competition

Date of Competition:  February 20 & 21, 2015

Organised by: The Canada-United States Law Institute

Last Date for Internal Registration to MCC: November 8, 2014 (mail to-mcc.hnlu@gmail.com)
Date of Internal Challengers: November 15, 2014

See details at: http://www.cusli.org/NiagaraMoot.aspx


  1. A very cheap trick for abroad trip.

    Isn't this unfair? No team can prepare for an international moot in 7-8 days let alone win the challenger by defeating some team which has been preparing for the moot for past 2-3 months.
    The objective of the system is to send the best team not the one which discovered the moot. We all come across several moots at both national and international level. If everyone starts to mark their moots and inform it at the last instance then the general mooting standards in the college will deteriorate.

    Moreover, The stakes are higher when it is an international moot.

    MCC has been quite proactive and supportive! And I am sure that it was not an accomplice in the said act.
    It should frame guidelines in regard to notification of moots in the light of justice equity and good conscience.

    A concerned student of HNLU

  2. I really hope that the guy who got this moot notified sees the comment above. For shame!

  3. Can a formal complain be lodged against this? This is a blatant way of conning the rules by someone who is a MCC member and would definitely know the rules.

  4. The MCC completely empathises with the concerns raised above and it is assured that a set of guidelines to restrain such delayed notifications will be brought into effect at the earliest. The same shall be duly notified to everyone concerned.
    In regard to the above quoted moot, it is herein brought forth that after all the above comments were brought to the notice of the MCC Faculty Coordinator by me, she had initially decided to bring down the notification of the same but after the receipt of registration for the internal rounds from many teams the same has been toned down to the extent that the notification of the aforesaid moot be kept intact but then the Challengers of the same be scheduled after the End Semester Examinations to give a fair chance to all the participating teams.