Friday, July 9, 2010

SLCU National Law Moot Court Competition, Bangalore

1. First National Moot Court Competition by School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore.
2. Dates of the competition- 19th to 22nd August, 2010.
3. Provisional registration - 15th July, 2010.
...4. 20th July- Registration with registration form and DD of Rs. 750.
5. 12th August, 2010- Written submissions deadline.
6. Minimum 2 and maximum 3 members.

The moot is related to Information Technology Act and the moot problem is now available with the MCC and maybe accessed on request on

For further details feel free to contact the mcc at the same.

Happy Mooting! :)

Seems like this will be the last post in these holidays! Goodbye! :) See you all at Hidayatullah! :D


  1. please give further details. i have also mailed requesting the problem a weel ago, but have not got any reply. please do the needful.

  2. problem has not released yet in the clge it self. if u have ny info. plz let me know